We're baaaack!!!!

Posted by Danielle Larkins on

We're baaaack!!! Well honestly we never left...but we did take a short break while welcoming our newest edition to Delores' legacy, her sweet grandson Amir, into the world.  That's right...on March 21st my sweet Amir was born bearing strong resemblance to my mom, my sister, and I.  We thought our newest edition to our mom's legacy would be a baby girl who could further exemplify the strength of a woman.  Instead God saw fit to bless us with a sweet baby boy who exemplifies the love my mom had for me...and we could not be happier!!  Now that Amir has made his entrance and allowed mommy to get back to the business of fashion and supporting women/ending cancer, it is our hope that you will give us a second look and show your support. Delores' legacy lives on not only in Trafawn, Amir and I but in you as you support the cause she fought with her life for.  We hope that you like our new additions and that you will continue to help us achieve our purpose.  We are Delores' Daughters and we are all about legacy, empowerment and purpose, not to mention fashion and looking great while we live out our dreams. ;)

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