The Strength of a Woman....

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We recently added the "Strength of a Woman" aqua cocktail dress to our selection of dresses and this particular dress along with its name made me think of my mom.  Without sounding like a cliche, I have to attest that I honestly don't know of anyone who was stronger.  Lately I've been thinking of all the things she went through in her life from issues with self esteem and feeling unloved, to the trials that wives and mothers face, to her battle with cancer.  It seemed as though she deserved none of it especially given the loving and beautiful soul that she was.  It all seemed so unfair. But when they say that God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers, it very well may be true.  My mother, Delores, embodied what I envision as the strength of a woman.  She smiled through every heartache, she fought for her children- those she birthed and those she ministered to in the classroom and she nurtured youth and young adults in her community. She prayed through every trial, she forgave when hurt, and prayed God's forgiveness over her own soul when she made a mistake. She was endlessly hopeful, was incredibly soft and compassionate and had no difficulty displaying emotions or expressing her feelings but at the same time she hurled through obstacles and hardships as if they had no power over her. She was infinitely wise and always knew the right words to say to make it all better and if she didn't know what to say the healing was in her touch and her embrace.  She was unafraid to cry, to love, or to feel but at the same time she was unafraid to fight.  She fought the adversary off of her family.  In the end, she fought with faith until she was taken into glory. It's not that she was never afraid but she faced her fears with a loving heart, a determined mind and solid fists ready to give it her all.  These are the attributes that I believe women possess that make us uniquely beautiful.  While every woman has a unique blueprint, I believe that all women have a special ability to be compassionately bold and to persistently pursue what God sets our hearts after despite our fears.  The strength of a woman is undeniable.  It is very true that a dress or article of clothing gives a woman no power or strength in and of itself.  But my sister and I hope that as you try on our "Strength of a Woman" dress or any of our other pieces that you will be encouraged to remember not just how outwardly beautiful you are, but to be aware of how much inner beauty and strength you possess simply by being you.  

With Love,

Delores' Daughter

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