My Forever Valentine....

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I used to think that Valentine's Day was about romance, flowers, cards, and candy...all the things society bombards us with when we walk into stores at any given point during the month of February.  Since my mother's passing, I realize that Valentine's Day is about love- real love- not the kind that is forced upon you or the actions shown because you feel like you have to.  Rather, it's about the kind of love that lasts into eternity, the kind that will never die.  Its about the kind of unconditional love that will sustain us through difficult times.  At least for me at this point in my life, that is what it's about.  My dear sweet mom passed away as a result of uterine cancer on February 14th, 2017 and at that point she became my Forever Valentine.  She is my example of what it means to truly love despite what someone has done to you, despite the hand that you are dealt or the circumstances that surround you.  My mother, Delores, left a legacy of unconditional love, not only for her daughters but for the world around her.  She never met someone that she could not speak a kind word to or see the good in.  It is for her that we started DD's Place and it is for her that we will continue this fight against cancer.  It is my hope that a little of her love will be wrapped in each purchase and felt by the woman who receives it.  As we honor my mom's legacy during this month of love, my sister and I pray that you will know and fully experience what real love is and that you will be motivated by my mom's story and that of countless other women to give and show your support in any way that you can.  We wish you a joyous Valentine's Day filled with love, joy, peace and hope!

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